Brunarica Grič is a restaurant located in the village of Šentjošt, about 20 km out of the Slovene capital, Ljubljana. Chef Luka Košir has run it since 2009. The food served at the restaurant is localised to the estates around the restaurant, with only a handful of rare exceptions. The cuisine served at Grič has strong connection with local tradition and historical heritage, fused with modern cuisine.

The restaurant has its own vegetable gardens and Luka’s father Hinko Košir grows all the vegetable on home soil. His orchards provide us with fruits and berries, he also makes most homemade spirits and liqueurs that we serve at the restaurant. We source all meat from local breeders and hunters. Most of the fish served in the restaurant are from the Adriatic sea and local streams.

Luka has a simple philosophy “good ingredients make good food, and you do not need a silver spoon to eat it”.

We love to work with all that fresh local food, it all takes us to finding the best flavours by “digging” among the vegetables herbs and flowers on the farm. “From the garden to the table”. We want to share the experience of the Slovenian countryside with our guests. From the cheeses from a neighbouring bank to homemade jams from wild cherry, with fresh, rough mushrooms to fir vinegar. We are a young staff anxious to learn new things and each one of our guests makes us grow a little, every time.